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Dear friends,

The closer we get to Easter, the more our Worship service readings urge us to slow down.  Not to get ahead of ourselves.  We know we are on the way, following our Lord and we need to take our time.  To reflect on the great love that God has shown through Jesus and his passion.  Pastor Juris Cālītis, once said in a lecture—You have no idea how much God loves you.  Lent is a time when we begin to have—an idea.  To think on it and to give thanks. 

Today I give thanks to God, for the many helping hands that enable us to make our Worship videos.  The team,  that is present each and every Monday:  Dr. Andris Āboliņš, whose music gives us so much joy.   Pauls Zommers, our video artist, who makes us all look good!  Andrejs Zommers, who puts the videos on YouTube, and Ēriks Raisters, who makes sure we get them in our email boxes.

Then, there Readers of Scripture—so many of you, who have always been ready to help!  To serve the Lord with joy, as we say at the end of the Worship service.  Today, we see and hear Daina Kusins—thank-you Daina! 

Thanks as well to Ingrīda Grey who placed flowers on the altar in memory of her sister, Silvija. 

AND—to you, who have watched the videos—thank you and bless you!

May the Good Lord make His light to shine on us—and give us peace.

In His love,

Prāv. Daira

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