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Dear friends,

Last Sunday was All Saints Day, but today, in our time together, we are going to continue to celebrate this feast day with the story of Bartimaeus from the Gospel of Mark.  You’ve never heard of St. Bartimaeus?  Neither have I!  But—his is a story of faith—of courage in adversity—of calling out to Jesus and then—following him.  And that’s what makes him a saint!  And, that’s what makes us saints as well.  The faith in which we walk—in our daily lives.

I hope you have been enjoying the glorious autumn colors—the beauty of the earth celebrating its Creator!  Telling us—in the words of Julian of Norwich, that will be our prayer today—that All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.  And this is also faith—for each day, for each moment of every day!

As always, many many thanks to our faithful video team:  Dr. Andris Āboliņš, Pauls Zommers, Andrejs Zommers and Ēriks Raisters.  And—in today’s video, for reading the Apostles’ Creed—thank you, Aleks Zommers!  Thanks also to you, dear friends, a.k.a. Saints!  But, above all—to God, in whose love we live, and move and have our being. 

Blessings—prāv. Daira

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