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Dear friends,   

As you probably know, Latvians celebrate this day as Family Day.  This is why we have two videos today — one in Latvian, the other in English–we wanted to include all of our church family!   And so, with these virtual flowers and a virtual „hug” I wish you, each and every one — HAPPY FAMILY DAY! 

Special thanks today to Pauls Zommers, who had twice the work to edit our Worship services — and to the Pružinskis family, Lisa, Andris, Krišjānis and Jūlijs, who helped lead them today.  As always — huge thanks to our amazing organist, Dr. Andris Āboliņš.

You can find all our Worship videos here on this website and on YouTube — thanks to Andrejs Zommers.

Blessings — prāv. Daira


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