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Dear friends,

Happy Transfiguration Sunday / Valentines Day!   I hope you are enjoying the snow that is being promised – we haven’t seem much of it this year, so let us rejoice and be glad!

I both rejoice and am glad to thank our Scripture reader Aleks Zommers (age 10)—and—our lovely violinist Laila Zommers (age 16).  You can sing along with Laila when she plays “This little light of mine”—the words are in the Order of Service (aka dziesmu lapiņa). 

Dr. Andris Āboliņš, our organist found two little known hymns to play at the beginning and end of our Transfiguration Day Worship service—“Amazing Love” by Thomas Campbell and Charles Wesly—and “This is My Son, the Beloved” by an unknown composer.  Thank-you, Andy! (Also for the red roses on the altar in honor of Valentines Day!)

To our amazing video team—Pauls Zommers, Andrejs Zommers and Ēriks Raisters—thank-you and paldies!

On this day when we celebrate Light and Love, I also ask for your compassion and prayers:  two weeks ago Sandra Raisters’ cousin Ārija Jansons lost her young son, Kai as well as her mother, Jāna and friend, Amanda in a tragic house fire in Toronto.  As we pray for the souls of Kai, Jāna, and Amanda let us also surround Ārija in prayer in this most difficult time. 

Sandra has set up a fund for Ārija—I am including the link below.  For donations—and especially, for prayers—thank-you and BLESSINGS.

May the God of Light and Love be with you – and give you peace!

Prāv. Daira

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